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From Mar…es de México to El Sueño Zapoteco

Rural Schools

For Mar … es de México, Fundación Santa Lucía A.C. It is very gratifying to collaborate with institutions that, like us, believe in education and art as fundamental tools for the protection of our natural and cultural heritage.

At Mar … es de México we believe in the importance of preparing future generations. This preparation aspires to include education through art and culture to train people capable of creatively facing and managing the ecological, cultural and social problems that afflict us as a Nation.

This education must be comprehensive and must include all people regardless of their socio-economic context. However, we believe it pertinent to start with the people who live in the most remote contexts of our complex geography, such as the communities that live in the coasts, mountains, jungles and forests of our country.

The video that we present below is part of a voluntary work carried out by Mar … es de México to publicize the important work that El Sueño Zapoteco A.C. To alleviate the effects of extreme poverty in the Sierra Sur and Costa of Oaxaca, it carries out essential tools to achieve the aforementioned objectives, building schools and bringing the Internet to marginalized communities.

We hope you enjoy it!