Cerrar ventana

At sea level

Presentation of mar…es de méxico

Mar es… de México was founded in 2009, and began activities in 2011 at the Vasconcelos Library with an exhibition of photography and painting, a recital with variations on the sea, composed for the foundation by the teacher Eduardo Castañón, and performed by : Soprano: Araceli Pérez Vizuet, Violin: Damiana Orue, Cello: Dominique Petrich, Piano: Emiliano Orue. We also had a round table on the sea made up of artists and academics: César Carrillo, Augusto Álvarez, Carlos Jurado, Rafael Vargas, Eraclio Zepeda, César Rangel, Eduardo Castañón and Fernando Cordero, as well as a series of films with a marine theme on their own Library, which lasted two months.

© César Rangel